Vital Importance Of Non Cash Donations To Your Not For Profits – Cell Phone Recycling Can Help!

Dire Impending Substantial Contribution Fall-Off

I recently reviewed some potentially devastating data on the drastic changes coming to Not-For-Profits (NFPs) due to shifting demographics and the aging of the typical donor base.  The info excerpted from Pew Research stated in just 5 years, Baby Boomers who now give 90% of donations will reduce their giving by 59%. If that is true, it is vital for NFP’s to connect with the Millennial Generation (born 1984 & later) while looking for other non-cash ways to raise badly needed funds. This tide is rising for NFP’s and it’s time to act.

Get Millennial’s Involved

The Millennial’s are big on technology, interested in green initiatives, and in this economy many are short on funds. That is why a vibrant Cell Phone Recycling (CPR) program may very well be a NFP’s ticket to initially penetrate the Millennial demographic with a viable non-cash donation opportunity.

Millennial Activation & Cell Phone Recycling

Once a Millennial is convinced of the worthiness of a NFP’s cause, they will begin to look for ways to help. If offered a green initiative (like a cell phone recycling program) they can communicate through various social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc …) on how easy it is to get involved and help. To feed the poor, grow a tree, help the rain forest, support ministry’s, aid battered women’s shelters, feed the pet’s from the local no-kill shelter are all good works cell phone recycling currently benefit and all demographics are willing to engage.

Get Access To Millennial Donor Info
A well thought out CPR program liquidator will gather donor information and provide that info for the NFP to contact. The NFP will email a note of appreciation for the cell phone donation and file the info for additional contact in the future.

Cell Phone Recycling Helps NPR’s and the Environment

Often consumers/businesses find themselves with used and unused cell phones/smart phones/PDA’s wondering how best to dispose of them. It certainly should not be an option to dispose of retired cell phones in the trash (ending up in the local landfill) due to the harmful elements that are contained within the devices. It’s true, some carriers will buy the phones back (for next to nothing) to remove them from the re-use market. On occasion the cell phones are re-purposed for resale.  However, when given a choice, recycling retired phones to the benefit of a favored NFP while benefiting the environment makes very good cents!

Why not make your retired cell phone/smart-phone/PDA count for the good of your selected Not-For-Profit that is both worthy and needy of your best help. As a consumer or an enterprise you can make what seems to be junk benefit that organization that you have an affinity for. A NFP will be to happy to utilize funds derived from Cell Phone/PDA/Smartphone donations. Re-usable devices will be re-purposed, while the non-reusable devices will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, proceeds benefiting your selected NFP.

Help Your Not-For-Profit Fight Back Against The Tide

With the economy inspired drop off of donations occurring now and the donor demographic cataclysm quickly approaching, many NFP’s are scrambling to find viable ways to offset both their real and additional anticipated losses. A tried and tested Cell Phone Recycling program can be just one weapon in your favorite Not-For-Profits arsenal to fight against the ominous tide rapidly approaching. If you have a box of old cell phones turn them into cash to benefit a not-for-profit today. Let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to help.

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