Is Your Not-For-Profit’s Cell Phone Recycling Program Operating On All Cylinders?

There is nothing like a finely tuned car humming down the highway all cylinders performing optimally. When some of the cylinders are missing, the car will make progress but not perform up to the desired standard. The same is true of a cell phone recycling (CPR) program instituted by a Not-For-Profit (NFP). For the best possible results to bless the participating NFP please consider these 6 Cylinders For Optimum Donor/Benefit Performance:

1. Develop your marketing/communication plan/caused base plea. Insert a simple, but clearly seen hyperlink to your web site and all email/electronic correspondence that would hyperlink to your CPR info/donor program with a brief description on how the program works as well as how the donor can  help, … I.E.:

                                    (Directions Tab-Click Here to Donate Cell Phones)

Your donation of just (?) used/unused cell phones will feed 1 child for 2 months … or will plant 1 fruit tree to help feed a village for 20 years … Or Place a battered woman …

2. Contact your active donor base with your CPR launch plans & plea for their used/unused cell phones.

  • Insert hyperlink and plea in each NFP monthly/weekly reminders as you constantly remind them of how this non cash donation can help.
  • When the donor requests shipping/donation info, your team will be notified. We suggest that your team contact the prospective donor/requestors and thank them for wanting to participate. Ask them to find others who would like to add to their donation box. Suggest family, friends, neighbors, churches, business associates, business friends.  You will turn 2 phones to be donated into 10, 20 50 or more!
  • Make sure you have an easy to understand caused based strategy as we outline above; I.E.: how many donated cell phones does it take to feed a child, plant a tree, place a Bible, translate a passage of scripture, etc … 

3. Your team needs to contact Corporate Board members, C-level Executive Friends of the NFP, and current Corporate Sponsors. Ask them for their retired/unused corporate devices.

  • Ask them to roll this program out for their employee’s to participate in donating their cell phones.
  • Ask them to contact corporate friends and counterparts in other companies to see if they would like to participate as well.

4. Contact your NFP Inactive Donors – Chances are your former/inactive donors still have an affinity towards your ministry, perhaps circumstances now prohibit or even another NFP has become the beneficiary … Your asking them to participate in this CPR program may very well be the catalyst for your former donors to reengage with you organization. emphasize the following:

  • Non-cash plea
  • Turn your junk into another’s treasure
  • Support your NFP mission while helping the environment

 5. NFP Social Media drives; Get the young people and social networking enthusiasts engaged in your CPR effort. FYI, Young people often have more up to date and valuable smart-phones, they also are often upgrading to the latest “cool” technology. They will often give old cell phones to a friend or sell on Craig’s List … when if they knew they could sacrifice for the benefit of others, they would. These more up-to-date devices are the most valuable thus beneficial to the NFP.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Here is an idea your team may want to consider as well … seek a campus contact to lead a CPR campaign on college campuses. You could even partner with various campus ministry/environmental entities to be the “tip of the spear” for your effort at the university. Your CPR program will likely not be in competition with the various ministry partners and the youthful, idealistic, environmentally, focused will expend themselves for your worthy cause. As well as provide the most valuable/beneficial cell phones for your organization.

6. Media drives & celebrity help:

  • TV
  • Public Service notices from news organization.
  • Radio
  • Celebrity spokespersons help …

 If you’re NFP will fine tune your CPR program and engage on all cylinders, you will see a maximum donation performance benefit that will not only benefit your much needed ministries, but also bless the environment as well. Why settle for minimal benefits with a hitting/missing CPR approach. 

 Let me know if you have any additional questions. We can strategize together and fine tune all 6 cylinders of your CPR program. In so doing the CPR benefit will more than just hum. It will SING and bring greater benefit to those who need your NFP’s valuable essential services.

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