Are You Sure Your Telecom Costs Are What They Should Be?

 When I was 25 years old, I thought I had most of the “Big” concepts/philosophies (important to me) all figured out, at least to my own satisfaction. When I was 35, I began to realize that maybe I should begin to re-think some things. When I was 45 I began to think that maybe 1/2 of what I thought I knew (when I was 25) was right at all. I am afraid if I live long enough I will learn I never knew anything at all.

It is said, Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in your fruit salad.  Most often wisdom and experience make the real difference between confidence well placed and confidence unfortunately spent.

Many confidently assert their current organizations telecom cost is about where it should be. But as time moves on their increasing carrier costs and ongoing experience tells them they should let others with trained eyes take a second look. This wisdom is usually well founded.

The Gartner and Aberdeen Groups continually provide well documented reports on why companies without professional assistance consistently pay significantly more for their wireline and wireless telecom services than those who avail themselves of professional expertise as well as cutting edge automated solutions.

As I have learned that it is no black mark on my character to have misjudged my earlier strong held beliefs. Neither is it a character flaw if a seasoned, well experienced telecom manager or a responsible executive grows to realize they need help from available telecom experts with years of related internal carrier knowledge … so dramatically reducing your company telecom budget that it will make the “powers that be” stand up and take notice.   

Has your earlier over estimations of your internal capabilities collided with the cold realities of your companies lack of tools, time, and internal expertise? It is one thing to innocently overestimate your enterprises capabilities, it’s quite another thing to foolhardily continue down the same path that costs your company real dollars! That means you would transition from being well intentioned to deficient.

If the voice inside your head is saying, I should really check into this … If you see wisdom in tapping a telecom expense management professional, with the experience and tools sets to help you dramatically reduce your telecom budget … That voice in your head may not be real … but it has a pretty good idea. Contact someone who can help you today! If you have determined you need some help feel free to contact me at

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