3 Facts About Your Telecom Environment that requires a 2nd Look Solution!

3 Facts you should know

1. Up to 85% of a typical enterprise’s telecom bills are not audited and are simply paid in full …  Aberdeen Group

2. The telecommunications spending area is wrought with inefficiency … most enterprises don’t know how much they spend on telecom services, never mind how they can best manage those budgets. Aberdeen Group

3. Although telecom expenses are a significant part of the telecommunications budget, such costs are often only sporadically managed. … US corporations with two-year-old contracts spend 20%-35% more per year on voice/data services compared to recently negotiated contracts. Most organizations are paying more than necessary for voice and data services.  Gartner

Those telecom contracts you signed a year or two ago … are they still competitive?              The facts are, not likely!

There is a solution … Another pair of trained eyes! We call it the 2nd Look Solution. With your permission, a trained telecom professional will be happy to provide additional support for your telecom decisions, supplying a second-look to review all your vendor quotes/decisions and ensure that your team is maximizing its telecom service opportunities.

 At no cost to your organization, a contingency based telecom optimization professional will review all quotes submitted, as well as existing telecom contracts. Prior to your signature on any proposed contract (or after the contract is signed), they will certify that you’re receiving not only best-in-class pricing, but that you’re provisioned optimally for the capacity you require.  We often find that while the rate may be competitive, our clients are actually supplied with more capability than is necessitated for their operation. Ask your telecom professional to provide the extra scrutiny needed to ensure that your telecom team is maximizing their savings opportunities.

 Go ahead, Do your best  … then allow a seasoned professional to  provide a Second Look! Perhaps they will identify a more advantageous quote/arrangement than is being negotiated or in place. Accept the proposed recommendations or use the information to further negotiate with your incumbent or proposing carrier. Agree to share with your optimization professional the difference between your best effort and theirs, once the savings is actually demonstrated. If the proposed alternate recommendation is selected, your telecom professional will likely manage the implementation of the project in its entirety, and provide quarterly ongoing bill-audit services to ensure you realize these savings for the life of  your agreement.

 This 2nd Look Solution is an all reward/no-risk proposition for companies.  Should the optimization professional be unable to improve upon your vendor’s offer or current services, you are reassured you’re receiving the best possible value.  If the 2nd Look Solution brings a more competitive plan to the table – either through your vendor or another – your telecom professional’s effort is essentially self-funding, and you receive their management and auditing expertise, as well.

Ask yourself this question. How could a second look hurt? or better yet, How could a 2nd Look Solution help our telecom environment?

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