Five Great Reasons Why You Need a Telecom Audit


Why Not Utilize an ALL REWARD/NO RISK Means To Save Real Dollars on Your Companies Telecom Environment?  How bout a ole fashioned Telecom Audit!

Telecom Cost Management and Consulting Services provides for an optimization and validation of a client’s overall telecommunication rates and services. This telecom audit service is often overlooked and as such will greatly impact your telecom budget.

Five Reasons Why …

  1.  Performance based All Reward/No Risk Savings Guaranteed

  2.  Professional Hand’s on / eye’s on approach

  3.  Update & provides for an accurate inventory

  4.  Reports can account for services used

  5.  Forecast future projected telecom assets, expenses & usage

Calling on a telecom professional to conduct your telecom audit will help you leverage their experience as you gain insights into your telecommunications spend and asset inventory. The eyes and hands on approach of a professional Telecom Auditor allows for the:

     – Identification of billing errors

     – Visibility to unused services and inefficiencies

     – Discovery of over-capability’s in your telecom services

     – Uncovering competitive alternatives migrating to or renegotiate for Best-In-Class pricing

     – Tracking of approved and implemented cost recovery recommendations

     – Reporting/trending analytics for both past and projected future telecom usage/costs 

     – In-depth analysis of your current invoice data

     – Insight into your vendor’s billing practices

     – Validation of taxes and surcharges

Consider this Great Option

Once your telecom services environment is audited, you can facilitate an accurate and swift transition to an automated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution provider to continue to validate, optimize, and maintain the integrity of your updated telecom assets, rates/tariffs and overall inventory.

Check out a Telecom Audit Professional today. Ask about our FREE performance based Telecom Cost Management & Consulting Service!

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